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Sonoma Media Investments, based in Santa Rosa, is the largest and most influential media organization between San Francisco and Portland, with its flagship newsroom, The Press Democrat, enjoying a readership of 250,000 adults each week – and growing.


The organization’s central mission is focused on the communities it serves: Delivering relevant and unbiased content to North Bay readers, offering strategic marketing solutions to regional companies and preserving local journalism in Northern California’s Wine Country.


For generations, The Press Democrat has celebrated community by contributing to local education efforts, regional nonprofit groups and philanthropic charities. We provide opportunities for high school and college students interested in careers in journalism and writing. We also use our convening power as a trusted hometown media organization to host dozens of community events annually – bringing readers and residents together to meet fascinating newsmakers and authors. Hundreds gather each year to hear from business leaders, local entrepreneurs and experts tracking the most notable economic trends in our corner of Northern California.


A great community cannot thrive without an equally great media site serving the market. The Press Democrat meets that challenge and fills that role. As our community has grown, transformed and met the unexpected twists and turns of the first 25 years of this century, so, too has The Press Democrat and Sonoma Media Investments.


It’s an honor for us to serve our readers, advertisers and residents on social media channels, through our award-winning digital site and the ink-on-paper morning edition that we proudly still deliver seven days a week.

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A proud community leader, the Napa Chamber of Commerce is accountable to a diverse membership and works tirelessly to provide an extensive network of resources for businesses of all size and scale.

A robust and active economy is essential for business growth, and we empower members with the tools to cultivate their own success, thereby benefitting the community as a whole. Connection – whether to the community, customer or political advocate – allows business to thrive.

Best of Napa County Producers


Best of Napa County is powered by Best of Programs, a product of NERUS Strategies, LLC. The NERUS Strategies LLC mission is to explore ideas that translate quickly to a profitable experience. From better ways to target and reach your market, to helping define Best Of events and special sections, to best practice pricing and marketing. NERUS Strategies LLC is a privately held corporation and is independent from The Press Democrat and the Napa Chamber of Commerce.

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